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Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions. Hopefully, you should find answer to any question you may have. If you have a question not covered here, or need further clarification, feel free to email us.


1 Why hire Students Solution services?
Our management, staff members and sub-agencies have studied and experienced living abroad. We are certified representative and agents with number of years of student recruitment experience. All our staff members and business associates get regular training from all institutions. All students recruiting from Students Solution are guided on various key issues such as accommodation charges (private, studio flats, hostels, HOST), food expenses as per city, travelling options, bank account opening, job guidance and visa extension.

2 What should student look while considering hiring a representative?
Hiring any representative services is very important phase of your admission process. One must ask as many questions as s/he can prior to hiring services. Common questions can be:

1. Are they official representative for the institution?
2. What after-sale-services offered by the representative?
3. Ask as many questions, such as accommodation, minimum job rate, how to get used to with the conditions, resume critique, how to contact employment agencies, food, hydro charges?

*Getting visa is not the end-solution, infact, its the starting of the problems student face during their first 3 months of stay in new country


01 When do I need to apply?
Most universities have September session only whereas some have January intake as well. However, you may some universities offer May intake for some selected programs. For details, contact us. For all sessions, it is suggested to apply as soon as your sponsor is ready to sponsor your education and all paper work is ready. Give atleast 12-16 weeks for whole process starting from the time thinking to apply till the time you get study visa. On safe side, if you intending to apply for September start thinking from November prior to the year you would like to start!

02 What institutions does Students Solution represent?
Students Solution represents number of universities mostly in UK & Canada through its direct or indirect connections. Please visit our institution section for universities names and their links.

03 Can I defer my entry to a subsequent intake?
This is usually possible, but you should state your intention to do so in writing as soon as possible. This is irrespective of whether or not entry is being deferred with the same institution.

04 Can I change courses when I arrive at the institution?
It may be possible to change courses within the university or college in which you are studying but it will not normally be possible to change institutions except in exceptional circumstances.

05 Is my Law, Medicine degree recognised in Canada?
We are not authorised to determine academic qualifications or credentials and do not endorse any credential evaluation service. For professional qualifications we suggest that students contact the professional governing body for their field, such as the Canadian Bar Association or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, before they start their international course. Canadian and UK qualifications are generally considered equivalent, but there might be some exceptions so it is best to make this initial enquiry to avoid any surprises further down the road.

06 Is there any website which gives information on what my current Canadian degree is equivalent to UK?
Information on an equivalent UK degree to one gained in the Canada is available from the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC). You can also contact us for initial assessment, which may give you some idea on equivalency to your current Canadian education.


01 I am a EU/UK citizen, do I need to pay International fee?
Yes, you have to. You only qualify for local student fee, if you have lived in UK for 3 years prior starting to your studies. On average undergraduate (3-year) fee will be from GBP 7,500 (CAD $15,000) to GBP 11,000 (CAD $22,000) per annum, whereas Postgraduate can be from GBP 9,000 (CAD $18,000) – GBP 15,000 (CAD $30,000) depending on the exchange rate and university you are applying to. This fee does not include Medicine (MD/MBBS) or MBA, as this can be more. Please consult one of our counsellors at 416 628 3815.

02 Can I pay my tuition fees by instalments?
In most cases, yes. How many instalments depend on the individual institution concerned. All institutions also offer discounts (5%-10%) to sponsors who pay the whole of the first year tuition fees in advance of enrolment at their institution.

03 Why do some institutions ask for deposit prior to applying for the study visa?
This greatly helps our clients when it comes to considering your intentions to study abroad. Such a sum of money is a sign of your commitment that you do intend to pursue a course of study at an education institution. All deposit payments are deducted from your tuition fees upon arrival and enrolment at the UK institution. For Canadian institutions, normally the deposit is not required; however, it varies from institution to institution. If you have any doubt, please contact us.

04 Is my deposit refundable?
Deposits are always refundable, whereas the administrative fee is non-refundable. Apart from UK universities, German/Spanish/Canadian or Swiss institutions may require an administrative fee with your documents. Additionally, at the time when offer is made, institutions require students to make a deposit, which is refundable only if the study-visa has been refused.

05 Who do I make my deposit draft payable to?

You have to make it payable to the institution concerned.

06 What does it cost to study abroad?
This depends what course you are studying, at what level and at what institution. It can also depend on where you live as some places are more expensive than others. If you have family or friends you can stay with, this can help to save money. Course fees will be discussed with you on an individual basis when you come to apply to our student counsellor.


01 Can I get a scholarship?
There are number of scholarships available for undergraduate/postgraduate programs. There are number of other possibilities where students can apply for scholarships. However, the earlier you apply, the better chance to avail. Visit out scholarship section at individual country section.


01 How easy is it to get a student visa?
Student who has the financial sponsorship to do a course of study abroad which is relevant to your personal career development, it can be quite straight forward to get a study visa. Help and guidance is given by Students’ Solution to all candidates applying to a education institution via its services. For further details on types of visa, process, etc, visit UK Border Agency and for Canadian study visa visit Citizenship Immigration Canada

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