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Spanish Language
The official language of Spain is Castilian (Castellano); however, there are a number of different languages that are spoken in Spain, the most prominent ones are Catalan, Basque, Galician, and Valencian. Although these different languages are quite prominent within their respective regions, all Spaniards speak the national Castilian Spanish language.

Spain offers a wide array of dishes each of which is influenced by the country's numerous cultural influences: for example; Roman, Christian, Jewish, and Moorish. Students will have the culinary opportunity to experience typical Spanish cuisine as well as those that are indicative of the particular region in which they are studying and/or traveling.

Personal Greetings
The concept of personal space is different – hugs and kisses are common, including when meeting people for the first time. When passing locals in the street, don't be surprised if eye contact is made but no smile or greeting is exchanged.

Spaniards are well known for their festivals. In every town and village in Spain at some point during the year there is a unique festival which brings all the residents together. Each major city in Spain has a number of different regional festivals depending on the time of year.


• Age for the internship program is between 17 and 60 years.
• Located in Valencia, the 3rd. biggest city in Spain where students will enjoy also wonderful Mediterranean beaches with the best climatology all over Europe.
• Internships can be between 4 weeks to 9 month.
• School is 300m away from the central services of University of Valencia.
• Interns must have adequate medical insurance coverage during the entire period of the internships.
• Interns are not eligible for appointment to any position within organization for a period of more than agreed time. If intern wishes to apply for any advertise vacancy at the company, SSES will not assist in this scenario and candidate has to apply independently.

Internship Fields
A wide variety of internship fields* are available at SSES! If you don't happen to see your field available, contact us at 416 628 3815 or email us at internshipsstudentssolution.co.uk for more details..

• Accounting
• Administration
• Business
• Computer Science/ IT
• Customer Service
• Graphic Design
• Hotel/Hospitality/Tourism
• Journalism
• Marketing
• NGOs
• Public Relations
• Sports Management

*Please note we may have internships other than above mentioned fields apart from Medicine & Aeronautics engineering.

When can you start
Any month apart from August.

Who can apply
Any one of age between 17-60 years. If you are from a non-Spanish speaking country, you can start the internship whenever you want even if you are not enrolled in a university. However, Spanish speaking students need to be enrolled in a University or other educational institution and the internship need to be part of their studies.

Internship Program (Additional Fees)
The following items are not included in the program fee.

• Housing
• Airfare to/from Valencia, Spain
• Airport pickup (optional)
• Meals
• Mobile Phone
• Tour Package (optional):
• City Tour
• Excursion / Cultural Activity
• Tour Guidebook
• Public transportation pass
• Academic Credit (optional)

How can I apply?
• Complete a questionnaire includes providing details about your education and experience (please SSES staff for one)

• Indicate the area of work within organization that you are hoping to intern.
• Write about your motivation for applying for an Internship.
• CV (Resume)
• Cover letter
• Dates of availability

Once above listed documents are received, we will be contacting you in 72 hours to suggest what options are available. Any additional documents required will be advised upon that stage. Please send all your documents to headoffice@studentssolution.co.uk.

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