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Ian Kennedy (University of Bath)
I knew I wanted to study in the UK in Aeronautical Engineering at Louborough University but didn't know where to begin. It is a very daunting task when you don't know the process, all I knew was that it was very different than that of Canada. I found Students Solution on the Internet and have been very pleased ever since I contacted Yasir and his team. Students Solution was very helpful with the application process and answered all my questions. It is a great piece of mind to know you have someone on your team giving you the best chances of achieving your goal. I am attending Loughborough University in the fall of 2015 in their Masters of Engineering Program and thanks to Yasir I made the right university choice for me. I would highly recommend Student Solutions to anyone wishing to study in the UK.

Pamela Duynstee (Oxford Brookes University)
As a Canadian applying to a UK university, the assistance I received from Students Solution was invaluable! Beneficial not only because my advisor was local and easy to get ahold of, but he was very knowledgeable on the application process, connected to a wide variety of universities, and greatly helped relieve the confusion and stress of applying to my Masters. I applied to Oxford Brookes University. I would highly recommend making use of this great service! Nothing to improve upon, I thank you so much for all your help, Yasir!.

Qais Babury (University of Buckingham)
I was working full-time and I had no idea how the UK school system worked, and without Yasir's assistance I wouldn't have been accepted. I applied for LLB (2-years) degree. With his help the application process was much simpler and he did all the work. I would send him the documents or drop it off myself and he would take care of it for me. He was in contact with me throughout the whole process and even suggested some things that helped me narrow my decision for which University to choose.

I can honestly say, Yasir made this whole process so easy and quick. I had no issues with the application or anything else for that matter. It's well worth the time comfort of knowing everything is being taken care of by someone as professional as Yasir.

Vincent Lu (Birmingham City University)

Planning to study abroad is a complicated process and should never be done alone. With the aid of Students Solution, I was able to select the correct university to complement my needs and interests. The adjustments you have to make to transition to a new country can be downright scary and difficult. Not only do you have to choose the best university for your program of study, but also where you want to live, how much you can afford, and even what kind of nightlife you'd prefer!

Students Solution will thoroughly guide you through the selection process. They will research and find the schools best suited for your field of study, then arrange interviews with representatives from the schools to help you further - explaining the student life as well as the recreational activities nearby. The detail and effort Students Solution puts in is absolutely phenomenal.

Initially, my only intent was to study abroad to expand my education. Now, I am also looking forward to experiencing a culture in a city tailored to my lifestyle. I would recommend Students Solution to anybody planning to study abroad in the UK. They make a difficult process simple, and will ensure you fit right in. right in.

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